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Modular Cabinets

Dwyer is a durable and attractive line of GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® modular metal cabinets, available in stainless steel, powder coated steel and aluminum. We use these unique materials to craft the longest lasting and lowest VOC emitting cabinet on the market. Our products are available in dozens of finishes and can be paired with any type of cabinet door, including steel, thermofoil or wood. We also offer many countertop material selections including stainless steel, corian and laminate to complement your cabinets.

Modular Cabinets for Public Housing

Dwyer is the single source solution for durable, attractive steel cabinets and kitchens
Dwyer has developed steel cabinets that meet and exceed the demands of housing authorities around the country. Our KCMA and Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified®cabinets exceed HUD Severe Use Standards and eliminate many of the challenges currently experienced with wood cabinets.  Dwyer’s steel or aluminum cabinets are moisture, pest and rodent resistant to provide long-term durability and are available in many attractive finishes.

Chemical Sensitivity

GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®
Dwyer Cabinets are a perfect solution for people with chemically sensitivities.  Our line of custom steel and thermofoil cabinetry has been designated GREENGUARD Children & Schools(SM) certified, the most stringent standard for materials, furnishings and finish systems that considers heightened sensitivities to chemical emissions. The Children & Schools certification is a referenced standard for products used in K-12 schools, daycare facilities and healthcare environments, where indoor air quality is a critical concern.

Installing GREENGUARD®-certified cabinetry from Dwyer can help reduce your risk of exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. GREENGUARD-certified products are listed in the Green Guide for Health Care, an industry-recognized best practices guide developed specifically for the healthcare industry.  Steel and aluminum cabinets also provide additional benefits-they are inhospitable to mold, dry rot and bugs.  There is never any need for harmful chemical applications.

Volatile Climates

Termites, Mold & Dry rot
Areas that are prone to corrosive air quality, drastic climate changes or high moisture content may be considered volatile environments. Cellulose products such as wood are prone to unrepairable damage from mold, dry rot or termites in harsh climates. Dwyer’s Steel & Aluminum Cabinets are inhospitable to termites, mold or dry rot.

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