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Dwyer is commited to providing quality products and services. For that reason we suggest all Dwyer materials to be cleaned and cared for using the recommended methods.

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Helpful Hint

We have heard several stories of burnt cook tops in the field. Although this excessive wear and tear is not covered under the Dwyer warranty, we would like to pass along a great solution from one of our customers:

Problem: Minor burns and scratches on solid surface corian countertop

Solution: Removing minor burns and scratches*

Because the solid beauty of Corian® goes all the way through, Corian® surfaces are renewable. You can remove minor burns and scratches yourself by following these instructions.

  1. First, wash the area where the burn or scratch is located, following the instructions found in this guide, to remove any film on the surface as this film may clog the abrasive pads. With this surface still wet, start rubbing with the Peach colored side of the cleaning pad. Use a light touch. Pressing too hard may actually leave deeper scratches. Rub over the scratch using a straight line motion. Periodically switch rubbing direction ninety degrees. Rinse pad periodically during this process to remove any built up residue. Be sure all of the scratch is removed.

  2. Clean top with water and dry thoroughly. Check to see if sanded area blends with rest of top. Please note that sanded area may not perfectly match remainder of top. If necessary, turn pad over and repeat process. Rub over large area to blend in sanding.

  3. If needed, continue the sanding process using the Aqua colored pad and if necessary, the Gray colored pad until the desired gloss level is achieved.

  4. Rinse out all pads used and allow them to air dry before putting them away.

  5. An alternative to your refinishing your countertop, is to contact your Corian® retailer or DuPont to arrange for professional refinishing.

  6. Sources for materials listed above are Abrasive pads by Microw-Surface Finishing Products, Inc. 800-225-3006 or Green Scotchbrite available at local supermarket or hardware store.

  7. For further care information please visit http://www2dupont.com/Surfaces/en_US/products/corian/corian_care.html.

We would love your feedback. Please let us know if you have other issues, challenges, or solutions for with wear and tear or maintenance of your Dwyer Kitchen so we can help or share solutions with others. Please send emails to nwilliams@dwyerproducts.com